Probient helps small- and mid-sized businesses generate customers and manage customer relationships.

Most customer relationship management companies want to serve big companies and take on bigger and bigger projects. However, Probient's unique distributed model enables us to focus only on smaller companies and provide each of their programs with management and resources available only to big companies so far.
The traditional channels of relationship management predominantly used print (newspaper ads, flyers, direct mail), TV & Radio (informational, promotions) and Live/Automated Voice (outbound telemarketing, inbound customer service, message blasts).

The present evolving model is adding more channels and hence more complexity into relationship management between businesses and their customers. The evolving model offers a rich spectrum of choices in both B2C (business-to-consumers) and B2B (business-to-business) space.

Lots of new technologies and choices. The objective should still be your top- and bottom-line.
Just because newer technologies and channels are available, they cannot be deployed because they sound cool! The focus should remains on improving your top-line and bottom-line. In some cases, traditional methods still continue to be viable options while in others, businesses have to keep up with choices of communication their customers embrace.
Probient's mission is to help expand your revenues and increase profits using the best relationships channels suited to your business needs.

Looking for hot transfer leads?

Looking for hot transfer leads?